Business security

Why we do it

We believe security should make sense and not just be a bunch of products and ideas thrown around to try to protect your assets. Because security is hard to get right, the attacks are never-ending, and your security is a big investment, this isn't the place where you should be just winging it. In TheavyCorp we believe making sense of security.

How we do it

  • By applying scientifical research into security
  • By keeping things simple and practical
  • By enabling people to take control of their technology

What we do

  • Operational Security
  • Security Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Hacker Academy

Operational Security - OSSTMM

The OSSTMM (spoken as AW-STEM) is the organized collection of the scientific research in security implementation, testing, and analysis. The research assures that every piece of information in the OSSTMM has been studied and tested so both the benefits and limits are clear. The research is further categorized and explained in the way it can be of the greatest benefit to those who want to make security decisions based on the truth.

You choose OSSTMM research because you want to be sure your security is based on verified facts and not just opinions that people have had about security. Since it is based on facts it can be unbiasedly measured and those measurements can be compared with others to measure industry, regional, or even global trends. Or you can compare those current measurements with your own past measurements to analyze your own security trends.

The OSSTMM is about operational security. It is about knowing and measuring how well security works. This methodology will tell you if what you have does what you want it to do and not just what you were told it does.

When you get “OSSTMM” you are getting security based on facts, whether testing, analysis, consulting, or training. Therefore you do it because doing security the right way the first time is important to you.

It is the most practical measurement of your actual security.

We can use OSSTMM to almost any audit type, including: penetration tests, ethical hacking, security assessments, vulnerability assessments, red-teaming, blue-teaming, and so forth.

Security Compliance


Compliance is a different thing than operational security and exists separate from security. It is possible to be compliant yet not secure and it is possible to be relatively secure but non-compliant and therefore of low trustworthiness.

Anyone involved in an organisation's security knows that meeting government, local, and industry regulations is an important goal. Compliance gives strategical advantage that translates into financial and trust benefits.

On the other hand failure to meet security compliance standards can result in huge financial losses through fines, notification costs, and damaged reputations.


If your customers operate in industries such as finance, healthcare, or anything else that routinely handles sensitive personal data, meeting governmental regulations and internal standards for privacy and protection is of the highest priority.

We have experience and can provide compliance with standards in sectors like: energy, oil & gas, chemicals, metals and mining, automotive, FMCG production and distribution, engineering and general manufacture, pharmaceuticals, banking and insurance, telecommunications & media.

ISO (ISO 27001, ISO 20000, etc), NIST, Governmental regulations for standard, Financial sector compliance like banking supervision standards, PCI DSS, ASME, SOX, etc.

Corporate Governance

We believe that success depends on maintaining trust: consumers and business customers alike will accept nothing less than a complete assurance that the companies they engage with protect their highly sensitive data carefully in the hyperconnected information systems powering the digital economy.

We believe that the key to business security is consistency of corporate governance and security strategy.

We support our clients in the implementation of strategic and operational solutions.

We implement solutions, among others, in terms of business strategy, operational management, internal audit, the effectiveness of the IT function.

We believe that from the perspective of business security is crucial that the top management is aware and convinced to apply the chosen path security.

Therefore, the basis of our actions is concentrated on the construction of awareness for a coherent business security system.

Hacker Academy

Core Idea

Hacker Academy is designed to teach the management and other staff how to consciously manipulate and process information. Not only how to protect it, but also how to skilfully share it and, most importantly, acquire. Personally tailored and innovative Hacker Academy program allows participants to understand how important role does information play out in their lives (both personal and professional).

We strongly believe, that the key to a safe and operationally conscious business is knowledge.


Knowledge that allows to take conscious control over used technology on all levels of organisation (which benefits the activity of the system as a whole).

That's why we've prepared personally tailored training programs for for the management board, executives and the rest of employees.

We believe that security training should be the continuing practice of a skill and not them continuous reminder of a threat.

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Strategy & Business Dev.

”There are only 2 ways to steal something: either you take it yourself or you have someone else take it and give it to you.”


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”Security doesn't have to last forever – just longer than anything else that might notice it's missing.”


UK Sales & Operations

”Security in business and operations defines the parameters in which organisations may succeed or fail in meeting their goals.”


Sales & Operations Germany

”Each security system is only as strong as it's weakest link”


Business Process Mgmt.

”The customer has the right to freedom, emotional behavior and ability to express their authentic needs and feelings. Professional customer service requires a constant readiness to engage with each client, guessing their true needs and being able to satisfy them.”